Boatman's Prayer
Raging River Lonely Trail
by Vaughn Short

Dear Lord here on this river bank
Before we launch today
Please listen for a moment
To what a boatman has to say

Now I don't claim to be a saint
And my souls not lily white
Sometimes I yield to temptation
Sometimes I drink too much at night

Down here I'm not an angel
Don't even want to talk about the town
With all its woes and pitfalls
And the things that get you down

So I'm really in no position
To ask for much from you
But if you could see the way
Please try and hear me through

Life down here's a pleasure
And there's beauty everywhere
So I'm really not complaining
In my humble little prayer

The thing I'm trying to get across
In my stublin' bumblin' way
Is a boatman he's not really bad
No matter what they say

But a boatman's life's not easy
Although I'm not trying to alibi
There's no turning back up river
There's no use to even try

Whatever lies before you
You've got to see it through
You can't stop half way
And back off and start anew

Its just things aren't as easy
As they look to those outside
It's more than jumping in a boat
And going for a ride

Now I'm not too worried
About what's down the way
'Cause I've done this many times before
When I didn't even pray

Oh! I don't take it lightly!
I've always got to know
There's an old lion a roarin'
In the river down below

But we'll make it through the rapids
There'll be no problem there
That's really not the reason
For me to say this prayer

The reason I'm a talkin'
and it's not easy for me to say
Just please don't view us boatmen
In the ordinary way

I love this world you made us
And I love the rivers too
I like the things that are simple
And I like the work I do

But could you sort of look the other way
And a few small things forgive?
For it's a little different
This kind of life I live

I have no neighbors watching
To see what I do each day
So it's just a little easier
To stray off the narrow way

Now I have no church to go to
They just aren't built down here
But I see your walls and canyons
And I feel you very near

Now I'm standing here a rattlin'
I've talked for quite a spell
I still can't seem to get across
What I'm try to tell

It's just please try to overlook
Some of the things I do
I may not be like you other children
But I feel very close to you